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It is well known in these parts that John King is merely a puppet for Merryl Tisch and Andy Cuomo.  A mouthpiece to spout off their talking points and take the heat coming their direction.  He is nothing more than their marionette… Read More

Friday Notes

The NEA, to whom we pay dues,  continues to sell out it’s members. The AFT, to whom we pay dues, continues to shill for the Common Core.  Here is Randi Weingarten in tandem with John King. President Obama, whom the NEA and… Read More

Obama Hates Unions

President Obama, who is trying to destroy the industry in which we make our living, was at it again yesterday.  He was comparing the GOP to striking workers who should be fired. Via the Washington Examiner… President Obama again compared Republicans in… Read More

Weekend Links

A few links for your reading pleasure before classes start on Monday morning… The best article I have read all week (and why you should be following what’s happening in Philly). Cuomo wants to double down on failing schools and take dramatic… Read More

Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush… More Crooked Politicians

President Obama’s education hack Arne Duncan had a clout list of people he’d do special favors for… via Fred Klonsky Critics question the ethics of Jeb Bush… via Ravitch