PJSTA to Host Meet and Greet with Peter Magistrale


The PJSTA is excited to host a meet and greet session with Peter Magistrale on the evening of October 28th at the residence of one of our members in Stony Brook.  The session will begin at 7:00 pm.

Magistrale is running in opposition to incumbent John Flanagan for New York State Senate in District 2.  The district is made up of portions of the northwestern part of Suffolk County, with it’s eastern edge being in the Comsewogue School District.  John Flanagan has a long history of opposing quality public education in New York State as he has been at the forefront of support for Common Core, high stakes testing, and privatization reforms that benefit his big money donors.  He famously has been quoted as saying that charter school parents are the best… even though there are no charter schools in his district.

Magistrale has worked closely with public education activists throughout his campaign and has a deep understanding of the issues that face our schools.  He recently earned this glowing report from none other than Diane Ravitch

The biggest obstacle to political, social, and educational reform in New York State is Senator John Flanagan from Suffolk County on Long Island. Flanagan succeeded Dean Skelos as Republican majority leader of the State Senate after Skelos was convicted on various counts. Flanagan is a major supporter of corporate reform, especially charter schools and vouchers. He is no friend of public education.

This fall he faces a challenge from a highly qualified Democrat in his district: Peter Magistrale. Peter is working closely with parent leaders on Long Island who understand the problems and needs of the public schools. He will fight for us and with us.

Please reach out and help him! His election would not only change the leadership of the State Senate, but return control to the Democratic party. Governor Cuomo has already said that he will do nothing to help Democratic candidates for the State Senate. The governor prefers to work with the Republicans. The Senate is currently divided with 32 Democrats and 31 Republicans, but five renegade Democrats caucus with the Republicans to exercise greater leverage for themselves and their districts.

Please click here to RSVP for the meet and greet with Mr. Magistrale.  For more information you can email us at pjsta1vp@gmail.com.

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CTU Reaches Tentative Settlement

As per the CTU’s website

Tentative Agreement Reached


As the midnight hour approached, the Chicago Teachers Union and the Board of Education achieved a tentative agreement. The tentative agreement will be made available on the CTU website as soon as the wording is available electronically.

A tentative agreement is not a final contract. Every active member of the Chicago Teachers Union will have an opportunity to review and vote on the agreement before a contract is ratified.

Text of their agreement can be found here.

Congratulations to the CTU membership on flexing their collective power and on their tentative agreement!

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Reminder to PJSTA Members: Wear Red Tomorrow!

Just a reminder to all PJSTA members to wear red tomorrow as a show of solidarity and support for our brothers and sisters in the CTU who will be on strike in the morning, barring a last minute settlement.  Last week we shared several other ways that you can show support.

Sister Michelle Gunderson on the need for a #FairContractNow …

For updates on the CTU strike be sure to follow them on Twitter.


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Ways to Support the CTU


This morning we shared the PJSTA’s resolution in support of the Chicago Teachers Union, who are set to strike on Tuesday as they fight for the schools Chicago’s students deserve.

Next Tuesday, October 11th, we are asking all PJSTA members to wear RED as a show of solidarity and support for our brothers and sisters in the CTU.  Building reps will be coming around to take individual and group photos of our members in red.  You are welcome to make signs of support as well.  We will be sharing those pictures with members of the CTU via social media.

Here are a few more ways that you can support the CTU…

  • When information regarding a solidarity fund is available, be sure to contribute to it, while urging your colleagues to do so as well.  We will pass solidarity fund information along on this site once we get it.
  • Be sure to talk to your fellow teachers about the strike.  Draw parallels between the situation in Chicago and the similar situations that can be found across New York State.  Help all of our NYSUT brothers and sisters to see that the CTU’s fight is our fight too!

To learn more details…

Go to the CTU site.

Check out this article from Labor Notes.

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PJSTA Resolution in Support of the CTU


Passed unanimously by the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association’s executive board…


WHEREAS the Chicago Teachers Union has been negotiating since 2014 for a just contract, and

WHEREAS Chicago students and teachers have faced attacks on public education that mirror those in New York State and around the country, and

WHEREAS Mayor Rahm Emanuel has threatened to eliminate city pension contributions for CTU members, which would effectively cut their pay by 7 percent, and

WHEREAS the CTU engaged in a successful strike in 2012, joining with parents, students, and communities to fight for educational justice and the schools Chicago’s students deserve, and

WHEREAS on September 28th, 95.6% of Chicago teachers voted to authorize a strike, and

WHEREAS, CTU has released a report, titled “A Just Chicago: Fighting for the City Our Students Deserve”, which, as the union puts it “demonstrates that challenges in housing, employment, justice and health care relate directly to education; solutions require a narrowing of the opportunity gap brought on by poverty, racism and segregation,” making CTU’s fight for a contract a touchstone for a wider struggle against austerity and for economic and racial justice, therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association supports the CTU in its fight to negotiate a contract that meets the needs of its members, their students, and their communities, and be it further

RESOLVED that the PJSTA will launch a solidarity campaign, to be shared via social media, in its schools and encourage all of its members to participate in the campaign as a show of support and solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Chicago, and be it further

RESOLVED that the PJSTA will urge its entire membership to wear red on Tuesday, October 11th in a show of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the CTU, and be it further

RESOLVED that the PJSTA contribute to the CTU’s solidarity fund when information for such fund becomes available, and be it further

RESOLVED that the PJSTA share information with its general membership on how to contribute to the solidarity fund and urge each of its members to contribute individually as well, and be it further

RESOLVED that the PJSTA executive board engage the general membership in discussions on the strike, informing them of the issues involved and drawing parallels to the similar situations that impact educators in New York, and be it further

RESOLVED that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association urges NYSUT and its affiliates to adopt a similar resolution.

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