PJSTA Officers

The following people are the officers of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association…

President- Katie Kleinpeter

1st Vice-President- Brian St. Pierre

2nd Vice-President- Dave Anzini

3rd Vice-President- Matt Carrera

Treasurer- Maurizio Milana

Secretary- Maggie Kinane

2 Responses to PJSTA Officers

  1. celiaoyler says:

    Following your opt-out documentation. Hats off to teachers of conscience! It is thinking teachers leading the way. We are not sheeple. We hear the people in charge (who seem to have lots of money, enough to send their own children to private schools) declare we should use “evidenced-based, or data driven, decision making. Well: we can read. We can calculate. We understand what is wrong with Pearson and Company’s math!

  2. john fager says:

    OPT OUT TISCH. Her rabbi, Sheldon Silver, can’t protect her. She is vulnerable. The new Assembly Speaker might be happy to appear to responding to parent wishes by removing or not reappointing her. Her term ends March31, 2016. Just Do It. OPT OUT TISCH!

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