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FREE Live Stream of the Class of 2019 Graduation

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Below is a link to our district website with instructions on how to view the 2019 Comsewogue Graduation Live Stream.


Congratulations New Tenure Recipients!’

On Monday evening, April 1, 2019, the Comsewogue Board of Education voted to approve tenure to these wonderful PJSTA members. Congratulations to Rebecca Bellezza, Lauren Caselli, Samantha Dollard, Teresa Drucker, Brittany Glass, Dean Konstandakopoulos, Tom Malinowski, AnnMarie Melloni, Kylynn Sanchez, & Deniz Yildirim!


PJSTA Resolution in Support of UTLA Strike

Passed today by the PJSTA Executive Board…

Whereas United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is currently waging pro-active contract campaign fighting not just for improved salary and benefits, but also for improved working and learning conditions, such as lower class sizes; more counselors, nurses, librarians, and other support personnel; less time on standardized testing; support for Special Education, Early Education and Adult Education Programs; and support for model community schools as an alternative to corporate-driven, privately-run charter schools.

And whereas UTLA is preparing to strike this week for a contract that invests in their students, their schools, and their educators,

And whereas the success of UTLA- one of the largest teacher union locals in the country- will have ramifications for locals throughout the United States,

And whereas the powerful cross-local unity exhibited during the red state teacher strikes of last spring, resulting in increased salaries and funding for public education, brought educators together irrespective of state or national affiliation,

Therefore be it resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association commits to supporting solidarity actions in support of the UTLA strike, including:

  • Publicizing the progress of the UTLA strike
  • Discussing the status of the strike and the issues surrounding it in our building meetings, as well as organizing solidarity actions at every work site.
  • Preparing members to wear red shirts to work (“Red for Ed”) in solidarity with UTLA
  • Taking solidarity photos of PJSTA members and sharing them on social media
  • Making a financial contribution to UTLA’s strike fun and encouraging all our members to do the same

Be it finally resolved that the PJSTA Executive Board will take responsibility for implementing this motion.


Solidarity with Arizona Educators!

The PJSTA stands in solidarity with the striking #RedForEd educators in Arizona who are fighting not only for a living wage but also for better learning conditions for students and a sustainable way to fund Arizona’s schools so that students can have the schools they deserve.

Click here to contribute money to send pizza to striking educators who will converge on Arizona’s Capitol today.


PJSTA Hosts Organizing Conference

Today the PJSTA hosted the Organizing for Power in a Post-Janus World conference at Terryville Elementary School. Dozens of local unionists and activists attended as we discussed, analyzed, and strategized organizing strategies.  Check out the inspiring messages from the conference’s guest speakers, MTA President Barbara Madeloni and REA President Angelina Cruz.

Local unionists and activists

PJSTA Members

PJSTA Resolution In Support of Striking West Virginia Teachers

The resolution below was passed by the PJSTA’s executive board today. All members are encouraged to click here and contribute to the strike fund.

Whereas the teachers and school service employees in West Virginia have been suffering under changes to their health insurance resulting in drastic increases to the premiums paid; and

Whereas West Virginia’s governor is only offering meager pay raises over the next five years that would not offset the health insurance increases; and

Whereas the combination of health care increases and meager pay raises would result in a “pay cut” of sorts; and

Whereas West Virginia already ranks 48th in the United States in teacher salaries; and

Whereas the treatment of an employer of it’s teachers and school service employees directly impacts the students and communities they serve; and

Whereas the teachers and school service employees in West Virginia have organized, largely at the grassroots level, a statewide strike that has completely shut down public schools across the entire state; and

Whereas the Janus v.s AFSCME case is being heard in the Supreme Court this week and the teachers and school service employees in West Virginia are showing us a path forward through grassroots organizing and militant direct action; and

Whereas the teachers and school service employees make up fellow affiliates of both the AFT and NEA; and

Whereas a victory for the teachers and school service employees in West Virginia would greatly encourage teachers everywhere, including members of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association and the New York State United Teachers, to continue in our increasingly stronger efforts to combat damaging and abusive cuts in New York; and

Whereas a victory for the teachers and school service employees would be a victory for public-sector employees across the country who continue to oppose the privatization of public resources and the plundering of public assets; therefore be it

Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association supports the teachers and school service employees in West Virginia in its fight for the needs of its members, their students, and their communities; and be it further

Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association will contribute to the strike fund for those on strike and encourage our membership to make individual contributions as well; and be it further

Resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association urges NYSUT and its affiliates to adopt a similar resolution.


PJSTA to Host Organizing Conference

The PJSTA is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Organizing for Power in a Post-Janus World conference on Saturday, March 10th. The conference, which is being sponsored by several other local unions, will focus on real world organizing strategies and structures for unions to implement in advance of the looming Janus vs. AFSCME Supreme Court decision.

The conference will feature keynote speaker Barbara Madeloni, President of the statewide Massachusetts Teachers Association. Additionally we will host a discussion with Angelina Cruz, President of the Racine Education Association in Racine, Wisconsin as she shares with us the challenges and successes they have faced in organizing teacher unions in a right-to-work environment. Finally, all participants will meet together in small groups and share strategies with each other.

To register for the FREE conference you can click here.

The conference will be held on Saturday, March 10th and run from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm. FREE lunch will be served. It will be held at Terryville Road Elementary School located at 401 Terryville Road in Port Jefferson Station.

If you have questions you can email us at pjsta1vp@gmail.com.

Click below to download and share the conference flyer…

Organizing for Power in a Post-Janus World- PDF

Comsewogue Budget Passes; PJSTA Candidates Win!

Thank you to the Comsewogue community who came out yesterday to pass the Comsewogue school budget with a shade under 80% of the voters voting “Yes” for the school budget.  PJSTA endorsed candidates Alexandra Gordon and James Sanchez won re-election in unopposed races.

In other news PJSTA members Gerriann McNamee and Kelly Vallette won election o the school boards in their home school districts of North Babylon and Islip!  Congratulations to them!  When we fight, we win!

Students Not Scores to Host Ed Reform 2.0 Forum

In march we had Jia Lee and Alison McDowell join us for an episode of The PJSTA Live.  Students Not Scores has announced tonight that they will be hosting a forum on June 1st at Terryville Elementary School with McDowell coming all the way from Philly to join them.  The flyer is below.  You won’t wanna miss it!

Ed Reform 2.0 Flyer

PDF: Ed Reform 2.0 Flyer