PJSTA to Host Organizing Conference

The PJSTA is proud to announce that it will be hosting the Organizing for Power in a Post-Janus World conference on Saturday, March 10th. The conference, which is being sponsored by several other local unions, will focus on real world organizing strategies and structures for unions to implement in advance of the looming Janus vs. AFSCME Supreme Court decision.

The conference will feature keynote speaker Barbara Madeloni, President of the statewide Massachusetts Teachers Association. Additionally we will host a discussion with Angelina Cruz, President of the Racine Education Association in Racine, Wisconsin as she shares with us the challenges and successes they have faced in organizing teacher unions in a right-to-work environment. Finally, all participants will meet together in small groups and share strategies with each other.

To register for the FREE conference you can click here.

The conference will be held on Saturday, March 10th and run from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm. FREE lunch will be served. It will be held at Terryville Road Elementary School located at 401 Terryville Road in Port Jefferson Station.

If you have questions you can email us at pjsta1vp@gmail.com.

Click below to download and share the conference flyer…

Organizing for Power in a Post-Janus World- PDF

Comsewogue Budget Passes; PJSTA Candidates Win!

Thank you to the Comsewogue community who came out yesterday to pass the Comsewogue school budget with a shade under 80% of the voters voting “Yes” for the school budget.  PJSTA endorsed candidates Alexandra Gordon and James Sanchez won re-election in unopposed races.

In other news PJSTA members Gerriann McNamee and Kelly Vallette won election o the school boards in their home school districts of North Babylon and Islip!  Congratulations to them!  When we fight, we win!

Students Not Scores to Host Ed Reform 2.0 Forum

In march we had Jia Lee and Alison McDowell join us for an episode of The PJSTA Live.  Students Not Scores has announced tonight that they will be hosting a forum on June 1st at Terryville Elementary School with McDowell coming all the way from Philly to join them.  The flyer is below.  You won’t wanna miss it!

Ed Reform 2.0 Flyer

PDF: Ed Reform 2.0 Flyer

Support the CTU’s Sarah Chambers


In 2014 at the UCORE conference in Chicago, I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Sarah Chambers in a workshop.  Since then Chambers, like so many other teachers from the rank and file caucuses who make up UCORE, has been busy continuing to fight back against ed deform and for the schools her students deserve.  Very few teachers have fought as ferociously and vocally as Chambers.  As Michelle Gunderson put it in her post on Living in Dialogue, “If you are fortunate, every once in a while you will meet someone who breathes the fire of justice. In my life Sarah Chambers, a special education teacher from Maria Saucedo School in Chicago, fills that role.”

Unfortunately Chambers is under attack from her school district, Chicago Public Schools.  CPS has suspended and is seeking to fire Chambers because of her role in vocally defending students.  Please check out Gunderson’s piece above, Dr. Lois Weiner’s post titled A Teacher Who’s Dangerous- To Chicago’s Power Elites, and then sign this petition to support Sarah Chambers.

You can see Chambers eviscerate the Common Core at the 2014 AFT Convention in this video.

PJSTA Election Results- Katie Kleinpeter Voted New PJSTA President

PJSTA President-elect Katie Kleinpeter.

For the first time since 2009 there will be a new PJSTA President.  Katie Kleinpeter will succeed the soon to be retired Beth Dimino on June 1st.  Listed below are the winners of today’s election:

  • PJSTA President- Katie Kleinpeter
  • PJSTA 1st Vice-President- Brian St. Pierre
  • PJSTA 2nd Vice-President- Dave Anzini
  • PJSTA 3rd Vice-President- Matt Carrera
  • PJSTA Secretary- Erica Marsh
  • PJSTA Treasurer- Maurizio Milana
  • PJSTA Webmaster- Brian St. Pierre
  • PJSTA Portal Editor- Maurizio Milana

Building Elections

Boyle Road Elementary

  • Senior Building Representative- Sue Hirner
    • Building Representative- Ann Popielaski
    • Building Representative- Nicole Taormina

Clinton Avenue Elementary

  • Senior Building Representative- Michelle Sowa
    • Building Representative- Liza Carolan
    • Building Representative- Barbara Boncimino

Norwood Avenue Elementary

  • Senior Building Representative- Erica Gunning
    • Building Representative-Laurie Tilmont
    • Building Representative- Carole Anne DeVine

Terryville Road Elementary 

  • Senior Building Representative- Gail Ports
    • Building Representative- Debra Rosenquist
    • Building Representative- Kathleen Masone
    • Building Representative- Ann Sutter

JFK Middle School

  • Senior Building Representative- Debbie Reilly
    • Building Representative- Katy Dornicik
    • Building Representative- Sue Niver
    • Building Representative- Kelly Vallette
    • Building Representative- Marty Sobel
    • Building Representative- Carole Stacy
    • Building Representative- Kristin Surdi

Comsewogue High School

  • Senior Building Representative- Bo Frimmer
    • Building Representative- Angela Azzara
    • Building Representative- Mike Bonura
    • Building Representative- Matt Brown
    • Building Representative- Shane Goldberg
    • Building Representative- Margaret Kinane
    • Building Representative- Karen Verdisco
    • Building Representative- Vincent Verdisco

A big thank you to all members who ran in today’s elections along with the Building Election Coordinators and the Election Chairperson, Sue Niver, for making today’s elections a success.  All newly elected positions will begin on June 1, 2017.