PJSTA Live- Episode 2 Coming Next Week!

Last month we shared with you the debut of our YouTube broadcast PJSTA Live.  This month we are excited to be bringing you our second episode.  We’ll record that episode next week and share it with our millions of many viewers.

For Episode 2 we will be covering Donald Trump’s nominee for United States Secretary of Education, the conservative billionaire Betsy DeVos.  Democracy Now! recently was dubbed DeVos, who has never held any job at any level, “Public (School) Enemy No. 1”.

For this episode we will be joined by three guests…

  • Carol Burris– a former high school principal in Rockville Centre who is now the Executive Director of the Network for Public Education
  • Marla Kilfoyle– a teacher in Oceanside who is also the Executive Director of the Badass Teachers Association
  • Michelle Gunderson– a teacher in Chicago who also serves as a Vice President for the Chicago Teachers Union

If you have questions for our guests or if you have suggested guests or topics for future episodes please submit them here or by tweeting us using the hashtag #PJSTAlive

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NPE:: Tell Your Senator to Vote NO for Betsy DeVos

Via the Network for Public Education…

The Network for Public Education is appalled, but not surprised, by Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. DeVos is a long-time advocate for the Trump/Pence education privatization agenda. She, like the Trump/Pence team, favors vouchers that would give public funds to private and religious schools. Her family’s foundation has promoted vouchers in many states. The Trump/Pence/DeVos plan, long supported by the extreme right, would take Title I funds from districts and allow parents to “shop” with those dollars among private schools, charters and online schools. DeVos believes that the market solves all problems, and she and her husband’s foundation spent nearly 1.5 million dollars to persuade the Michigan legislature to kill a bill to regulate charter schools in the state.

Thanks to her efforts, 80% of the charters in Michigan operate for profit, without accountability or transparency.

Send a clear message to the Senate that Betsy DeVos should not be confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education. Her hostility towards public schools disqualifies her. Send your letter today.

Click the link above to easily send your letter to our senators telling them to vote NO to betsy DeVos.


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PJSTA Live- Episode I- The 2016 Election

Check out our very first episode of PJSTA Live where I had the opportunity to discuss the 2016 election and it’s implications on public education with Jeanette Deturmann, Alexandra Gordon, and Merrie Najimy.  Jeanette is the founder of Long Island Opt-Out and a member of the New York State Allies for Public Education steering committee.  Alexandra is a trustee on the Comsewogue School Board and has been a long time advocate for public education.  Merrie is a member of the Educators for a Democratic Union caucus in Massachusetts and the President of the Concord Teachers Association.

We had a great, wide ranging discussion where we covered the following…

  • What the Trump presidency means for public education.
  • What does school choice, Trump’s big education talking point, actually mean for students and schools?
  • The impact of the down ballot state legislative elections on public schools in New York State.
  • The resounding victory that the Massachusetts Teachers Association had over a ballot initiative that would have raised the charter cap in their state and decimated public schools.
  • How teachers can organize statewide to fight back against reform groups and politicians who are backed by school privatizers.

Watch the episode whenever you get a chance… on the couch, on the treadmill, in your faculty rooms at lunch time, or even listen to it in the car.  Please share far and wide within your circles, and be sure to make suggestions for our future episodes.

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Episode 1 of PJSTA Live Coming This Week

Yesterday we shared with you about PJSTA Live, a new initiative of ours to engage members of the PJSTA and broader public education and labor communities on the issues that are pertinent to the work that we do.  Today I am excited to announce details of the broadcast’s first episode.

On Wednesday night we will be recording our first broadcast with the title being “Impact of the 2016 Election on Public Education”.  After the recording is complete we will add it to our site here, so be sure to look for it.  We will be discussing how the election of both Donald Trump and the down ballot state legislators will potentially impact our schools.  We’ll also take a look at the major victory that Massachusetts public school teachers and advocates achieved and discuss what lessons those of us in New York State can take away from that situation.

For this initial broadcast I will be joined by three guests…

  • Jeanette Deutermann- Long Island Opt-Out, NYSAPE
  • Ali Gordon- Comsewogue School District Board of Education
  • Merrie Najimy- President- Concord Teachers Association and member of the Educators for a Democratic Union Caucus- Massachusetts Teachers Association

If you have a question you’d like to see addressed during our broadcast, please fill out the embedded form on the PJSTA Live page.  You can also tweet at us using the hashtag #PJSTAlive.


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Introducing PJSTA Live!

I am excited today to announce the launch of a project that I am pretty excited about… PJSTA Live!  PJSTA Live will be a regularly broadcast show on YouTube where we cover different angles of the public education and union landscape.  Our goal is to further engage our members, teachers outside of our local, and the broader public education and labor communities on the issues that impact us deeply.  We are hopeful that our viewers will not just use these shows as an opportunity to listen and learn, but also as discussion topics to raise within their own schools and education communities.

Episodes will typically feature one or more guests who will be participating in a discussion on a given topic.  Additionally, we will try to take questions from our millions  many viewers for our guests to answer.  Once the episode is recorded we will post it, along with any pertinent show notes, right here on our blog.  We will also link to all of our shows on our PJSTA Live page that can be accessed via the menu at the top of this page…


If you have questions for our guests you can ask them by filling out the embedded form on the PJSTA Live page.  You can also tweet at us using the hashtag #PJSTAlive.

Be sure to check back here at thepjsta.org later this week for news on our first broadcast!

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