John King and Arne Duncan

It is well known in these parts that John King is merely a puppet for Merryl Tisch and Andy Cuomo.  A mouthpiece to spout off their talking points and take the heat coming their direction.  He is nothing more than their marionette as they pull the strings.  The same can be said for Arne Duncan, who plays the puppet to puppet masters Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Jeb Bush, and a whole host of ed deformers.  It’s not that guys like King and Duncan have skills or are at a superior intelligence level that has helped them to rise to their positions.  They simply make good lap dogs.  Stroke their egos, give them scraps of good food and they will be happy.  More than willing to be loyal to your agenda, even if that agenda is one of child abuse.

For years this sort of existence has worked like a charm for both the deformers and their puppets.  The deformers have gotten to use the media to spout their propaganda about how bad our schools are, how we need accountability and choice, even going so far as to say that our schools are so terrible that they have become a threat to our national security!  The media of course has eaten it up at every turn and have feted Duncan and King as though they could do no wrong.

But this year a funny thing happened.  Parents stopped buying the nonsense they were being fed by Fox News.  They stopped paying attention to the plaudits that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough heaped upon Duncan.  They no longer paid attention to Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post as it pounded our state’s public schools.  This all started to change, of course, because their kids started to be picked on.  Their kids were the ones who wanted to stop going to school.  Their kids were the ones who were slamming their heads against their desk during last spring’s ELA or breaking down into tears in the midst of the math test.  All of a sudden their children were the vicitims of bullying.  That’s where the tide began to turn.

Since that time a lot of questions have started to be asked.  A lot of motives have been called into question.  The parents, whose children are being abused, are no longer content to sit idly by as they listen to rehearsed talking points.  That’s when things begin to fall apart for the deformers.  Because stooges like King and Duncan are ill prepared to offer any real defense of the Common Core.  Because there really isn’t a good defense for it.  Instead you get John King complaining of “special interests” and taking his ball and going home.  Or you get Arne Duncan crying about “white suburban moms” whose children “aren’t as brilliant as they think.”  Of course anyone with half a brain would know not to incite an angry mob.  But this is King and Duncan we are talking about.  They don’t have half a brain combined.  So their words have only served to fan the flames and in New York State we now have a full blown revolution on our hands.

It is now time for us to move our focus to the bigger guns.  Move on to the puppet masters.  In New York State Andy Cuomo and Merryl Tisch are behind the curtain, writing the script for John King.  They are the ones to go after now.  Tisch is put in place by the state legislators who are all up for re-election next year.  So is Andy Cuomo who has his sites set on the White House in 2016.  It’s time to ratchet up the pressure.  To put the full court press on.  Make sure the deform agenda is attached to the people who are really pushing it and make them pay next November.

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