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Common Core Panel’s Recommendations

Politico New York is claiming that Governor Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force is ready to make recommendations now that it’s statewide “We’re not listening!” tour has concluded. Via Keshia Clukey in Politico New York… In its draft report of recommendations to the… Read More

Staggering Opt-Out Numbers Across New York

We are truly in the midst of a revolution and today is a historic day for public education in New York State.  Parents across the state have sent a clear message to Governor Cuomo that his education reform agenda is not something… Read More

State Budget Fallout

Tuesday evening was a night that will live in infamy for public education advocates in New York State.  It was a night that saw the New York State legislature pass legislation that will certainly prove to be more damaging to our state’s public… Read More

We’re Winning

In case you didn’t read it, yesterday Newsday published an OpEd by King Governor Cuomo.  The piece, titled “Ed fix clouded by the fog of protest” reeks of sheer desperation on Cuomo’s part.  Cuomo’s education agenda, highlighted by the teacher evaluation scheme and the… Read More

Comsewogue Hero Ali Gordon: We will starve the testing machine

Over the course of the fourteen years that I have spent in the Comsewogue School District, I have met countless people who I have come to admire greatly.  I often refer to these people as “my heroes.”  One of the biggest heroes… Read More