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PJSTA Live- Episode I- The 2016 Election

Check out our very first episode of PJSTA Live where I had the opportunity to discuss the 2016 election and it’s implications on public education with Jeanette Deturmann, Alexandra Gordon, and Merrie Najimy.  Jeanette is the founder of Long Island Opt-Out and a… Read More

Episode 1 of PJSTA Live Coming This Week

Yesterday we shared with you about PJSTA Live, a new initiative of ours to engage members of the PJSTA and broader public education and labor communities on the issues that are pertinent to the work that we do.  Today I am excited… Read More

Last Night’s SNS Forum

Below is the video broadcast of last night’s Students Not Scores forum in Coram.  I was fortunate enough to be joined by Jeanette Deutermann, Michael Hynes, and Tracy Zamek.  Jump to about the 2:30 mark for the start of the forum.

Students Not Scores Forum

Below is the broadcast of Saturday’s Students Not Scores Forum featuring Jia Lee, Andy Greene, Ali Gordon, and Jeanette Deutermann.  The forum starts at about the 12:30 mark. MORE’s Jia Lee speaks at about the 16:00 minute mark. Principal Andy Greene speaks… Read More

Comsewogue Hero Ali Gordon: We will starve the testing machine

Over the course of the fourteen years that I have spent in the Comsewogue School District, I have met countless people who I have come to admire greatly.  I often refer to these people as “my heroes.”  One of the biggest heroes… Read More