Weekend Links

Enjoy the great article about Philly’s teachers and why they deserve a fair contract.

A few links for your reading pleasure before classes start on Monday morning…

The best article I have read all week (and why you should be following what’s happening in Philly).

Cuomo wants to double down on failing schools and take dramatic action.  (We know what that means).

Ravitch with Why Hedge Fund Managers Are So Interested in School Reform… she touches on the public school hating Democrats for Education Reform and Barack Obama

A group of activists wants the CTU’s Karen Lewis to run for mayor against the public school hating Rahm Emanuel in 2015.

AQE’s response to Cuomo’s “death penalty” comment.

WaPo’s Valerie Strauss with Seven Facts You Should Know About the Common Core.

A brand new site to help follow the war on public ed: Public School Shakedown

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