Dr. Rella’s Opening Day Presentation

In case you want to share it with friends or other teachers who had to sit through analyzing test results today, here is Dr. Rella’s Opening Day Presentation in all it’s glory…

19 Comments on “Dr. Rella’s Opening Day Presentation”

  1. I agree. Teachers should also be imploring their home district’s BOE to pass NYSUT’s resolution against high stakes testing as Comsewogue’s board did last year. In the spring teachers should consider running for their local school boards… It is important to have real educators making decisions about education!

  2. We all need to go to board meetings and let our superintendents know how we feel. If Dr. Rella can take a stand, so can the other superintendents in our home districts. I am going to the board meeting this week where I live to let them know how I feel as a parent.

  3. I know it may sound good, but reality is, there are soo many districts out there that are not taking a stand, yet we allow the government to overrule and overtake the education system out of the hands of educators…we too are responsible for our childrens future, and now, now now

  4. Way to go Dr. Rella! You have really summed up the facts about politics and wall street sticking their dirty little hands into the education and future of our children. As a parent, an educator and a Comsewogue graduate, I applaud your efforts and will pass on your words.

  5. We need more admins AND teachers to raise their voices and be more active! The time for sitting back and hoping things swing back the other way is over… It’s time to make it happen and take our profession back!

  6. I hope that you can get your peers to see the light. We need more Superintendents to take a stand!!

  7. I am in awe of Dr. Rella and his commitment to the education of students and the recognition that teachers can teach and administrators can administrate without the use of a one shot series of tests. This is both a relief and refreshing. I just retired from Patchogue-Medford Schools. I believe this movement needs to spread to other superintendents. You are truly inspiring!!!

  8. You are an honest, intelligent man, Dr. Rella. How refreshing. There is a special place in heaven for you. Thank you for caring about the children and the people who teach them. You are what we need more of in this country.

  9. Wow! You are so lucky to have him on your side but more importantly on the sides of all our children! I got to see test results on a big screen pointing out that the building I work in was lower than all the others in my district. Oh, and my particular grade level……the lowest. So this year, we must do better! Nice welcome back.

  10. Dr. Rella: I agree! I agree! I agree! Now, do you happen to have an available teaching position for this out-of-work special education teacher (Life Skills) with 18 years of experience? Forgive my forwardness but I would consider it a privilege to work for an educator who “tells it like it really is”, doesn’t lie to fellow educators, and lets the public (parents) know that they have to “step up” and do their job of helping to educate their students…the entitlement generation(s) need to step back and do their part in obtaining their/their child’s education!

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