Happy Second Day!

A few good reads from around the web…

School Finance 101’s Bruce Baker with “On Death Penalties for Schools and Misplaced Outrage

Ravitch discusses “Why Hedge Fund Managers are So Interested in School Reform

Kris Nielsen reviews Davis Guggenheim’s TEACH, that aired Friday evening at 6:00 pm on CBS (My apologies… Sue Niver gave me the heads up on it but I didn’t have a chance to link to it before it was shown!).  Nielsen says it delivered the “same tired infomercial”

EduShyster discusses how Chicago is planning to continue closing more public schools and then significantly expanding their number of charter schools.  Then they will staff those charter schools with temp workers Teach for America “teachers”.  The Badass Teachers Association’s Mark Naisson calls it an “a declaration of war on teachers, students, and hard pressed neighborhoods, and a throwback to the ugly years before the Great Depression when union busting was the American Way.”

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