Cuomo: “a death penalty for failing schools”

WARNING: The video linked to below may cause nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Click here to watch Governor Cuomo call for failing schools to receive the death penalty.

New York State Dictator Governor Andy Cuomo yesterday called for the death penalty for failing schools.  He seriously used that terminology when talking about schools.  The video is rather chilling.  Cuomo says…

“We’re making great progress in the education system.”

That might be the most “off-target” comment, regarding public education, that I’ve heard.

About the evaluation process he says…

“You’ll be able to know what teachers are working well.  What teachers are not working well.” and “You’ll be able to know what schools are working well and what schools aren’t working well.”

“We can’t allow these failing schools to continue.  Whether it is a take over by the state or mayoral control or take over by a charter school there’s going to have to be a death penalty for failing schools”

So here is the governor’s agenda:

Use junk science to show how bad teachers are.  Fire them.  Use junk science to show how schools are failing.  Strip those districts of local control.  Place control in the hands of John King.  Replace the schools with charter schools, which have proven to be less effective than public schools.  Have the people profiting from those charters fund Cuomo’s campaign for president.

PJSTA members, if you haven’t been paying attention to education issues you should.  Regardless of how well things are or are not going in your classroom, there is a significant push to destroy your profession and it is funded by some very wealthy and influential people.  The PJSTA will be offering you plenty of opportunities to ACT this year.  Actions that show your support for public education.  Actions that show you will NOT continue to be pushed around by forces bent on destroying you.  We are excited to work with you and with our allies this coming school year as we act against those forces.

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