Obama Hates Unions

Labor Haters: Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama

President Obama, who is trying to destroy the industry in which we make our living, was at it again yesterday.  He was comparing the GOP to striking workers who should be fired.

Via the Washington Examiner…

President Obama again compared Republicans in Congress to workers going on strike, telling reporters Tuesday that GOP lawmakers had no more right to shut down the government than factory workers had to walk off their jobs.

The president made similar remarks at an event in Rockville, Md., on Thursday. He even referenced that event in his remarks Tuesday.

Both times, he compared GOP lawmakers to hypothetical striking workers. He argued those workers would be rightfully fired if they tried to shut down a plant to extract concessions from management.

In each case, Obama seemed unaware that the worker activity he was describing was a classic organized labor strike, a federally protected activity under the National Labor Relations Act. The law was signed by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 and is considered one of the era’s major liberal victories.

It makes you wonder why labor has endorsed him in the last two elections.  Unions may want to start paying attention to a politician’s actions when choosing who they endorse, rather than just handing over the endorsement to anyone who pays them lip service.  Despite claiming to support unions in the past, Obama has proven to be nothing more than another anti-labor neoliberal pandering to the corporate dollar.

2 Comments on “Obama Hates Unions”

  1. You can’t believe we wouldn’t be supportive of Obama? Really Ed?! You can’t believe we wouldn’t support a man who applauded the firing of the Central Falls teachers? You can’t believe that we wouldn’t support a man who showed no support for striking Chicago teachers while his crony Rahm Emanuel wreaked havoc in Chicago? You can’t believe that we wouldn’t support a man who stood idly by and didn’t support Wisconsin workers as Scott Walker waged war on them? You can’t believe that we wouldn’t support a president whose right-wing, neoliberal education agenda has been the single most damaging thing to hit our profession in decades? Just because he has a (D) next to his name doesn’t earn him our support. The PJSTA supports candidates who support public education and who support the labor movement. President Obama does neither.

  2. Oh, please. You’re quoting The Washington Examiner? You want to replace Obama? Be careful what you wish for. I can’t believe I’m reading such nonsense on a teachers’ union site.

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