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Receivership, #TeachStrong, and STCaucus

Some interesting news stories involving education and, by extension, teacher unions have broken recently.  After a lot of contemplation a few things regarding our unions have really come to the forefront of my thoughts.  Let’s get to the issues at hand first…. Read More

On the NEA Clinton Endorsement

Over at Mike Antonucci’s EIA blog, he has the break down of the NEA voting regarding the early Clinton endorsement.  Pretty interesting to look at. Via eiaonline.com… NEA PAC Council Vote by State – Abstentions Critical WRITTEN BY: MIKE ANTONUCCI – OCT•… Read More

NEA Survey On Common Core

I received this in my email yesterday.  All PJSTA members should be sure to take the survey.  I made sure to tell the NEA to STOP SUPPORTING THE COMMON CORE! Dear BRIAN STPIERRE, Your state education association and the National Education Association… Read More

Portland, Oregon Teachers Vote to Strike!

Yesterday we mentioned the possibility of Portland Oregon’s teachers going on strike.  Late last night the PAT‘s rank and file overwhelmingly authorized a strike. Via Reuters… Teachers in Portland, Oregon’s largest school district, voted Wednesday night to authorize a strike, setting the… Read More

Friday Notes

The NEA, to whom we pay dues,  continues to sell out it’s members. The AFT, to whom we pay dues, continues to shill for the Common Core.  Here is Randi Weingarten in tandem with John King. President Obama, whom the NEA and… Read More