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A Conference You Won’t Want to Miss

I want to quickly share with our readers and wholeheartedly endorse the upcoming 2016 Labor Notes Conference.  The conference, being held in Chicago from April 1-3, brings together grassroots unionists from around the country to discuss common issues and strategize ways to… Read More

Watch the Plenary from the STCaucus Conference

A very special thanks to our own Maurizio Milana and Mallack Walsh who helped run the technical end of things…

STCaucus Works to Restore Power to the Teacher

On January 9th, more than 140 people turned out on Long Island for the Restoring Power to the Teacher Conference hosted by STCaucus.  The conference focused on ways to organize and empower teachers so that they can not only fight for the… Read More

Let’s End Top Down Unionism

I have to thank my friend Norm Scott over at Ed Notes Online for the piece he recently wrote on the demise of the UFT’s blog Edwize.  I’ll admit that I had never even heard of Edwize.  But then again I don’t… Read More

Tsunami of Support for Dimino

At the Common Core Task Force “We’re not listening” tour last week, PJSTA President Beth Dimino warned that there would be a tsunami of opt-outs coming to New York State this spring.  Well over the weekend there has been a tsunami of… Read More