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Inept NYSUT Leadership Attacks Own Members

Yesterday  I came across a couple of tweets from the NYSUT Unity Caucus, the caucus that has been the controlling caucus of the statewide union since NYSUT’s inception.  The caucus of Randi Weingarten, Mike Mulgrew, Andy Pallotta, and the army of Unity… Read More

Tsunami of Support for Dimino

At the Common Core Task Force “We’re not listening” tour last week, PJSTA President Beth Dimino warned that there would be a tsunami of opt-outs coming to New York State this spring.  Well over the weekend there has been a tsunami of… Read More

Unity’s Attack on Dimino & Reducing VOTE-COPE

A few days ago, New York State’s Unity Caucus, the controlling caucus of NYSUT and the statewide extension of the UFT’s Unity Caucus, published a piece on their blog attacking PJSTA President Beth Dimino.  In the post Dimino is accused of  working… Read More

Who is the Stronger Together Caucus?

Anyone who paid attention to the news coming out of the NYSUT RA which was held this past weekend in Buffalo, likely heard of the standing room only crowd in the Stronger Together Caucus (STCaucus) meeting.  As a matter of fact I… Read More

ST Caucus Brings Real Grassroots Unionism to NYSUT

Blogger Arthur Goldstein, who is the primary writer for the blog NYC Educator, recently asked me to write about the significance of the STCaucus within NYSUT.  Here is what I wrote, originally published at NYC Educator… Every now and then I have… Read More