Inept NYSUT Leadership Attacks Own Members

Yesterday  I came across a couple of tweets from the NYSUT Unity Caucus, the caucus that has been the controlling caucus of the statewide union since NYSUT’s inception.  The caucus of Randi Weingarten, Mike Mulgrew, Andy Pallotta, and the army of Unity hacks who vote however they are told to vote. The tweets were directed at MORE Caucus, the primary opposition to Unity at UFT level…



MORE’s response…



The second Unity tweet..



It’s simply unbelievable to me that Unity Caucus, synonymous with top down unionism, who over time has benefited from a disengaged and slumbering membership, would call out MORE for “all talk, no action”.  Especially given the fact that MORE has a well earned reputation for organizing and agitating with the best of them.  The very fact that they have built such a formidable opposition to Unity Caucus is an indication of how active they have been.  People like Mike Schirtzer, Jia Lee, Megan Moskop, Lauren Cohen, James Eterno, and so many others are the very definition of union activists.

This, of course, isn’t the first time we have seen NYSUT’s Unity caucus launch these sorts of nonsensical barbs.  Only two months ago they used the same tactics to smear PJSTA President Beth Dimino.   It’s just a shame that during the very week the Friedrichs case was heard in the Supreme Court our feckless and inept union leaders focus was on attacking their own members.


1 Comments on “Inept NYSUT Leadership Attacks Own Members”

  1. UNITY are so dumb that they can’t see the writing on the wall. They are about to get destroyed. No more steak dinners, no more fancy hotels, no more free flights across the US. What is left of the UFT will be determined by who decided to pay dues. These dues payers are gonna want a lot more bang for their buck than what UNITY has to offer.

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