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Public Sector Unions Poised to Escape Friedrichs Case Following Scalia’s Death

It was literally moments after the news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death that people started to react to what the consequences would be.  Included among them would be the outcome of the Friedrichs vs. California case that threatened to be a… Read More

Who is Best Equipped for Friedrichs Ruling?

Lois Weiner, an education professor at New Jersey City University and a noted teacher union activist recently wrote a really fantastic piece on the impact Friedrichs will have on teacher unions.  Check it out below. Via New Politics… Much has been written… Read More

Weekend Reading

A few good reads to check out before Monday rolls around… Shaun Richman discusses how a loss in the Friedrichs case could make make strikes constitutionally protected free speech and thus nullify the Taylor Law in New York State… How ‘Friedrichs’ Could Actually… Read More

My Union IS My Business

Recently somebody from NYSUT was kind enough to recommend that I share questions and concerns that I had been tweeting about, with the NYSUT officers, with the idea that answers from them might comfort me and perhaps quell the negative feelings I have… Read More

Inept NYSUT Leadership Attacks Own Members

Yesterday  I came across a couple of tweets from the NYSUT Unity Caucus, the caucus that has been the controlling caucus of the statewide union since NYSUT’s inception.  The caucus of Randi Weingarten, Mike Mulgrew, Andy Pallotta, and the army of Unity… Read More