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Weekend Reading

A few good reads to check out before Monday rolls around… Shaun Richman discusses how a loss in the Friedrichs case could make make strikes constitutionally protected free speech and thus nullify the Taylor Law in New York State… How ‘Friedrichs’ Could Actually… Read More

A Blogging Hero Says Goodbye

There are an number of exceptional bloggers in the public education blogosphere and I thoroughly enjoy reading many of them.  However, as much as I enjoy a number of them, my absolute favorite has always been “Reality-Based Educator” from the Perdido Street… Read More

Reactions to the New NYSED Commissioner

As you have surely heard by now, the Board of Regents unanimously elected MaryEllen Elia as the new state education commissioner.  Elia, who supports the Common Core, high stakes testing, test based teacher evaluation schemes, voucher programs, and charter schools, was a… Read More

Karen Magee, Discussions, Invitations

In her mind NYSUT President Karen Magee is having discussions about some important stuff… unfortunately reality seems to suggest otherwise.  Reality-Based Educator with “They’re Discussing Having Discussions About the Coming Discussion on Teacher Evaluation Discussions”. Magee likes to see herself as a… Read More

UFT Guest Post #3: Reality-Based Educator

Today we will continue our series designed to give you a look inside the leadership of the United Federation of Teachers .  On Sunday we began with James Eterno of the ICEUFT blog and yesterday we continued with Arthur Goldstein of the… Read More