Karen Magee, Discussions, Invitations

We’ll be sure to send a formal invite and a limo for Karen Magee at the next rally.

In her mind NYSUT President Karen Magee is having discussions about some important stuff… unfortunately reality seems to suggest otherwise.  Reality-Based Educator with “They’re Discussing Having Discussions About the Coming Discussion on Teacher Evaluation Discussions”.

Magee likes to see herself as a bulldog.  Someone who won’t back down in her tireless defense of the NYSUT membership.  That would be terrific if it were true.  But it doesn’t seem to be.  Remember this is the same Magee who was a no show at three recent rallies in support of public education.  When asked why she wasn’t there she stated that she didn’t go because they were grassroots rallies and she wasn’t invited.  Remember when Magee ran for president claiming she represented a grassroots, bottom up, member driven sort of unionism?  We are less than two months into her term and she is already above going to grassroots rallies without an invite?  At least all the discussions she is having in her head seem to be going well.

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