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Weekend Reading

A few good reads to check out before Monday rolls around… Shaun Richman discusses how a loss in the Friedrichs case could make make strikes constitutionally protected free speech and thus nullify the Taylor Law in New York State… How ‘Friedrichs’ Could Actually… Read More

Some Union News

Some interesting teacher union tidbits coming in this week… One of the largest NYSUT locals, the Buffalo Teachers Federation, concluded a contested election for it’s leadership.  President Phil Rumore, won re-election with 707 votes.  Challengers Pat Foster and Marc Bruno had 344… Read More

RIP Pete Seeger

Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger, who was a renowned labor activist, died yesterday at 94 years old.  We are grateful for the inspiring life he lived and his tremendous contributions to the labor movement. “Solidarity Forever” by Pete Seeger…

Union Membership

Thanks to EdNotes for this…

The Chicago Teachers Victory

As you may or may not be aware, the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel have been embroiled in a bitter dispute, with Emanuel backing many of the nonsensical anti-labor and school “reform” ideas that have swept the nation.  Earlier… Read More