A Tale of Two Unionists and How Rank & File Teachers Lose

I’ve been meaning to link to this for a few days.  A great analysis of the Common Core from MORE’s Julie Cavanagh. Via the Daily News… (emphasis is mine) The truth is, these tests were designed to create a narrative of failure, and… Read More

The PJTA Accepts Our Challenge

Yesterday Beth Dimino and I took the Ice Bucket Challenge and pledged a donation to Ride for Life who works to find a cure for ALS.  We challenged  the PJSTA membership, Dr. Rella, the Comsewogue BOE, the MORE Caucus, and the Port… Read More

Why I am Voting Green Party for Governor

As we roll through the spring towards next November’s elections we are starting to hear a lot from the gubernatorial candidates when it comes to public education.  Let’s look a little bit closer at our options now. We are all familiar with… Read More

NYSUT & Cuomo, UFT Contract, Cavanagh, etc.

We have some must read links for you to peruse… A lot was made in the lead up to the NYSUT election in April about the Revive NYSUT slate’s apparent fondness for Governor Cuomo.  This parent’s account of events at NYSUT’s “Picket… Read More

NYSUT Election Roundup

The NYSUT elections are over.  Karen Magee and the Revive NYSUT slate won.  Congratulations to them. Here are a few links on the story… Governor Cuomo called Magee to congratulate her on being elected NYSUT President.  She said she is looking forward… Read More