NYSUT & Cuomo, UFT Contract, Cavanagh, etc.

We have some must read links for you to peruse…

A lot was made in the lead up to the NYSUT election in April about the Revive NYSUT slate’s apparent fondness for Governor Cuomo.  This parent’s account of events at NYSUT’s “Picket in the Pines” earlier this month would seem to back that up…

At NYSUT’s rally at Lake Placid, it became painfully obvious that NYSUT was not there to challenge Cuomo — all the rhetoric was directed at DFER and the Walton Foundation. None of the rally speakers said anything about Cuomo (or even Gates!). The most obvious giveaway that NYSUT had completely sold out came when the NYSUT photographer wanted to take a picture of a child who was wearing a sign that said, I “heart” public school, but he wouldn’t take a picture of the child’s brother whose sign said, No Mo Cuomo. The photographer explicitly stated that NYSUT wouldn’t publish anything against Cuomo! 
If all this is true, union leadership is even more effed up than I thought….

Reality-Based Educator discusses the significance of Governor Cuomo’s meeting with the Stronger Together group last week.

Barbara Madeloni won an election to become the President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, an NEA affiliate.  Congrats to her.  Like Chicago’s CORE Caucus, NYSUT’s STronger Together, and the UFT’s dissident MORE Caucus, Madeloni represents a more aggressive, progressive, and militant form of unionism.

We have a few links on the UFT’s controversial contract agreement.  Our friends from MORE are urging a NO vote…

Arthur Goldstein requests a moderated discussion with the UFT leadership prior to the vote and eagerly awaits a response.

James Eterno tells of Mike Mulgrew mangling democracy.

MORE’s Mike Schirtzer is quoted here, wondering about what ineffective way “master teachers” will be identified.

Julie Cavanagh explains why the contract should be rejected.

Finally, I will leave you with this video of MORE’s Cavanagh…



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