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Why I am Voting Green Party for Governor

As we roll through the spring towards next November’s elections we are starting to hear a lot from the gubernatorial candidates when it comes to public education.  Let’s look a little bit closer at our options now. We are all familiar with… Read More

KYE: Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch

Know Your Enemies: Merryl Tisch For those not paying attention, New York City Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio has gone on record as saying that he would place a moratorium on co-locating charter schools in New York City.  Co-location is when a… Read More

de Blasio Trouble for Cuomo?

The New York Post made me smile this morning (didn’t think I’d ever utter those words together) with this article, claiming that if elected mayor Bill de Blasio is going to be a problem for our God awful governor.  Particularly appealing is… Read More

Initiative 1240 in Washington State

Washington State is another place where public education is under attack this coming Election Day.  On November 6th its citizens will vote on initiative 1240, which would authorize up to 40 privately operated, but taxpayer-funded charter schools, exempt from many of the laws… Read More