The PJTA Accepts Our Challenge

Yesterday Beth Dimino and I took the Ice Bucket Challenge and pledged a donation to Ride for Life who works to find a cure for ALS.  We challenged  the PJSTA membership, Dr. Rella, the Comsewogue BOE, the MORE Caucus, and the Port Jefferson Teachers Association.  Shortly after issuing the challenge several PJSTA members accepted the challenge and the MORE Caucus is rumored to be planning their challenge.


Today the Port Jefferson Teachers Association accepted as well.  Additionally the PJTA announced that they will also be donating to Ride for Life as well and forwarded their challenge to Smithtown Teachers Association President Laura Spencer, the Port Jeff BOE, Port Jeff Superintendent Ken Bossert, and principal Tom Meehan.  If you are interested in donating moeny to Ride for Life you can click here.

Below is the PJTA Ice Bucket Challenge…

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