The PJSTA Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!

One cause that has always been near and dear to the heart of the PJSTA is Ride for Life whose mission is to find a cure for ALS.  Ride for Life was started in 1997 by former teacher Chris Pendergast who has been heroically battling ALS for over 20 years now.  Anyone who has seen Chris (or Mr. P as the kids call him) speak at their school knows what an inspiration he is.  Chris is also the husband of former PJSTA President Christine Pendergast.

Given the recent wave of “Ice Bucket Challenges” that have swept social media, the PJSTA leadership felt that they could not let pass the opportunity to help further the cause of finding a cure for ALS.


4 Comments on “The PJSTA Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!”

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  3. I love it!!!! Definitely count me in for such great causes!!! Let’s put an end to ALS, the Common Core, and high stake testing!!! You’ve got my support!!! See you at the PJSTA conference day! Maybe we can get Majestic Gardens to provide a big ice sculpture to include in a huge group ice bucket challenge lol!

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