Month: November 2013

The Student Lobbyist Abandons His Public Education Agenda

Andrew Cuomo, who once proclaimed himself to be the “lobbyist for students” is trying to escape his education reform agenda as quickly as possible. Via… “I’ve heard quite a bit from the parents who are very concerned about Common Core,” Cuomo… Read More

Ken LaValle, Bodyguard to John King

Next Tuesday evening will be the final Common Core Forum on Long Island that features John King.  Earlier in the fall King cancelled his PTA Town Hall Meetings because he didn’t like to be called out on his abusive agenda.  So they… Read More

A Few Things to Read

A few good links to check out… Reality-Based Educator wonders “Where Is Cuomo On His Education Reform Agenda Now?” Dr. Rella’s letter to puppet Arne Duncan. Presidents from two of our parent unions, Randi Weingarten of the AFT, and Dennis Van Roekel… Read More


It is well known in these parts that John King is merely a puppet for Merryl Tisch and Andy Cuomo.  A mouthpiece to spout off their talking points and take the heat coming their direction.  He is nothing more than their marionette… Read More

They are Listening, Keep the Pressure On

For years it seemed as though our frustrations and concerns were falling upon deaf ears in Albany.  State Ed would impose new and harmful reforms and our protests would disappear into a black hole somewhere.  But they aren’t anymore.  As Beth Dimino… Read More