Ken LaValle, Bodyguard to John King

Next Tuesday evening will be the final Common Core Forum on Long Island that features John King.  Earlier in the fall King cancelled his PTA Town Hall Meetings because he didn’t like to be called out on his abusive agenda.  So they created new forums for him to come around and discuss the Common Core with parents, students, and teachers.  However the rules were changed a bit as Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch descended from her ivory tower to sit next to King and hold his hand.  Additionally districts were limited to the number of representatives they could have speak and the amount of time those people could speak for.  At last week’s forum at Ward Melville High School, for example, we were limited to three speakers who were each permitted two whole minutes.  Apparently that was too difficult for Dr. King because the rules have changed once again.

At next week’s forum, hosted by Senator Ken LaValle, district’s are being asked to submit the name of the person they would like to speak for them along with the comments that speaker will be making.  Then, if you are lucky, LaValle’s crack team of hacks will choose you as one of the winners and you will get to speak.  That somehow passes for democracy in this day and age.  I can’t wait to hear what tough questions the commissioner will have to face.  Probably something like, “Commissioner King, why is the Common Core so amazing?”

Ken LaValle, no friend of public education, is making a real mistake here if he thinks this is the way to go about a forum like this.  Parents and teachers are angry.  They are angry at King and Tisch’s abusive agenda.  They are angry that their elected officials, like LaValle, are permitting their children to be bullied.  Now they will be angry that their voice is not being heard.  They are creating a situation where people will need to shout to be heard.  They will need to stand up and demand that their voices be heard.  They have created a situation that unquestionably calls for civil disobedience.

The only question remaning is whether or not those who demand to be heard will be treated like this Common Core opponent in Maryland was…

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