PJSTA Resolution in Support of UTLA Strike

Passed today by the PJSTA Executive Board… Whereas United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is currently waging pro-active contract campaign fighting not just for improved salary and benefits, but also for improved working and learning conditions, such as lower class sizes; more counselors,… Read More

More Opposition to RTTT

Recently we shared with you the story of the UTLA, who would not sign their district’s application for Race to the Bottom Top (RTTT).  We recently received the message of gratitude posted below from the UTLA: Dear President Beth Dimino, UTLA President… Read More

Bravo UTLA!

Kudos to the United Teachers of Los Angeles who refused to give in to pressure from LA’s public schools.  The district attempted to use the the Race to the Top application to strong arm the UTLA into accepting a new teacher evaluation… Read More