More Opposition to RTTT

Recently we shared with you the story of the UTLA, who would not sign their district’s application for Race to the Bottom Top (RTTT).  We recently received the message of gratitude posted below from the UTLA:

Dear President Beth Dimino,

UTLA President Fletcher asked that I write to on his behalf. Thank you so much for your post:

UTLA and Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association stand in solidarity!

In Los Angeles, as you know, signing a RTTT grant application commiting more than $43.3 million to bring in $40 million, with undetermined on-going costs, at the same time we’re seeing higher class sizes due to the number of layoffs we’ve endured for five years in a row now — that would have been irresponsible. $4.3 million equals roughly 39 teachers and health and human services educators. Our classrooms and communities need smaller class sizes, not more beauracracy, which is what the RTTT grant would have created.

From our hearts to yours, thank you again for your post. It really means alot to us to see other locals recognizing that Race to the Top does not equate to reform and/or progress.

In Unity,


David Lyell
UTLA Secretary (elected)

Now another teachers union is emerging heroically in the fight for the soul of public education.  Ronnie Greco, President of the Jersey City Education Association, has refused to sign his district’s application for RTTT as well.

JCEA’s Ronnie Greco

Jersey Jazzman (a blog all of us should be reading) has a great summary of the situation.  Diane Ravitch has added Greco to her “honor roll of heroes of public education.”

Jersey Jazzman says:

This is very, very important for any teacher who cares about the future of his or her career to understand: this grant would have enshrined a series of practices that would have destroyed teacher protections, compensation, and work conditions – and have never been proven to increase student achievement.

and goes on to say…

It seems that the issues here are largely the same as the ones that came up during theChicago strike: teacher working conditions are student learning conditions. If you can’t show that any of these practices are going to help students learn – and, let’s be clear, as Greco outlines them, you can’t – then no teachers union should agree to them.

Bravo Ronnie Greco JCEA!  Your fight is our fight!

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