PJSTA Resolution in Support of UTLA Strike

Passed today by the PJSTA Executive Board…

Whereas United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is currently waging pro-active contract campaign fighting not just for improved salary and benefits, but also for improved working and learning conditions, such as lower class sizes; more counselors, nurses, librarians, and other support personnel; less time on standardized testing; support for Special Education, Early Education and Adult Education Programs; and support for model community schools as an alternative to corporate-driven, privately-run charter schools.

And whereas UTLA is preparing to strike this week for a contract that invests in their students, their schools, and their educators,

And whereas the success of UTLA- one of the largest teacher union locals in the country- will have ramifications for locals throughout the United States,

And whereas the powerful cross-local unity exhibited during the red state teacher strikes of last spring, resulting in increased salaries and funding for public education, brought educators together irrespective of state or national affiliation,

Therefore be it resolved that the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association commits to supporting solidarity actions in support of the UTLA strike, including:

  • Publicizing the progress of the UTLA strike
  • Discussing the status of the strike and the issues surrounding it in our building meetings, as well as organizing solidarity actions at every work site.
  • Preparing members to wear red shirts to work (“Red for Ed”) in solidarity with UTLA
  • Taking solidarity photos of PJSTA members and sharing them on social media
  • Making a financial contribution to UTLA’s strike fun and encouraging all our members to do the same

Be it finally resolved that the PJSTA Executive Board will take responsibility for implementing this motion.


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