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A Couple of Links While We Wait for Opt-Out Numbers

As we wait to hear on opt-out numbers across the state today, a few worthwhile links to pass along. Though their local union, the UFT, may be working against the opt-out movement in New York City, the teachers at the Earth School… Read More

The CTU’s One-Day Strike

Today Chicago’s teachers waged a one-day strike.  The strike was not just for a new contract, but for a just public education system for the city’s students.  There are a couple of essential pieces to read regarding the strike.  I’ll link to… Read More

Favorite Tweets From the CTU Rally

Today the Chicago Teachers Union rallied for a fair contract and for the schools Chicago deserves.  Here are some of my favorite tweets from the rally…   Scene in front of City Hall #brokeonpurpose #faircontractnow pic.twitter.com/thvpBex9L6 — Aaron Cynic (@aaroncynic) February 5,… Read More

Receivership, #TeachStrong, and STCaucus

Some interesting news stories involving education and, by extension, teacher unions have broken recently.  After a lot of contemplation a few things regarding our unions have really come to the forefront of my thoughts.  Let’s get to the issues at hand first…. Read More

Seattle Strike Song

I saw this video of striking SEA teachers signing their own version of “Tomorrow” and it reminded me of the CTU’s version of “Call Me Maybe” in 2012. Enjoy…