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Seattle Strike Song

I saw this video of striking SEA teachers signing their own version of “Tomorrow” and it reminded me of the CTU’s version of “Call Me Maybe” in 2012. Enjoy…

Rahm Emanuel Shut Down by Teacher Activist

This was passed along to me, so I figured I would share here.  Rahm Emanuel, the former Obama chief of staff, and current   Mayor of Chicago, has done everything in his power to destroy public education in Chicago.  On Monday night,… Read More

Welcome New PJSTA Members!

Welcome to the newest members of the PJSTA!  Today, 18 new members had their orientation with members of the PJSTA’s executive board along with members of our rank and file.  In addition to taking care of membership paperwork and getting to know… Read More

The PJSTA Welcomes Our New Activists!

Today the PJSTA welcomed twelve new members to our local.  Our new brothers and sisters are excited to bring their energy and activism to the PJSTA as we embark on another school year that will, once again, require more work than ever before as… Read More

A National Campaign to Stop Race to the Top

Education/Labor blogger Fred Klonsky is imploring teachers across the country to contact the White House weekly to urge the president to abandon Race to the Bottom Top and stop privatizing public schools. Here is what he has to say… Contact the White… Read More