Month: May 2015

Reactions to the New NYSED Commissioner

As you have surely heard by now, the Board of Regents unanimously elected MaryEllen Elia as the new state education commissioner.  Elia, who supports the Common Core, high stakes testing, test based teacher evaluation schemes, voucher programs, and charter schools, was a… Read More

Organizing STCaucus at the General Membership Level

Norm Scott over at Ed Notes Online published a piece this morning with some great news on rank and file teachers organizing around the STCaucus.  Norm reports that PS8 teachers in the Bronx, and UFT members, have submitted 61 membership forms to STCaucus…. Read More

New York State Opt-Out Map

Pretty cool visual here, courtesy of Adam Stabb…   Percentage of students in each district that did not take standardized tests: — Opt Out Staab (@adam_staab) May 20, 2015

Some Union News

Some interesting teacher union tidbits coming in this week… One of the largest NYSUT locals, the Buffalo Teachers Federation, concluded a contested election for it’s leadership.  President Phil Rumore, won re-election with 707 votes.  Challengers Pat Foster and Marc Bruno had 344… Read More

A teacher’s perspective: NYSED Learning Summit

I have found that one of the best parts of being a public education activist is having the honor of meeting so many amazing people from across the state.  The fight against the harmful agenda that has been enacted in New York State… Read More