Howie Hawkins, Brian Jones, and Where they Stand on Public Education

Yesterday the PJSTA hosted an approximate 50 people who came out to hear gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins speak.  Hawkins, the Green Party candidate endorsed by the PJSTA, is the only pro-public education candidate in the election.

To see where each candidate stands on issues related to public education click here: GOVERNORS RACE SIDE BY SIDE

To listen to Hawkins and his running mate, Brian Jones, talk about the issues related to public education, check out the videos below…

Hawkins and Jones on Teacher Tenure 

Hawkins and Jones on the Triborough Amendment 

3 Comments on “Howie Hawkins, Brian Jones, and Where they Stand on Public Education”

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  2. Meanwhile Cuomo has declared war on public schools and public school teachers.

    He will “strengthen” teacher evaluations in his second term so that there are “sanctions.”

    He wants to break the “monopoly” public schools have and unfetter the free market (i.e., get rid of the charter cap.)

    It’s going to be an all-out assault on teachers and schools.

    I’m so glad NYSUT leadership is making nice with him, UFT leadership helped engineer the WFP ballot nod and Weingarten made robocalls for his running mate.

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