Important News Out of Locust Valley

This appears to be a pretty big story and we will follow up on it as it develops.

Via the Locust Valley Teachers Association’s president…

This year, the Locust Valley BOE decided to deny the incremental steps provided by in our contract and protected by Triborough. We have filed an Improper Practice charge, our grievance is in arbitration and we, currently, are at impasse in our negotiations.

This action, suggested by Terry O’Neill of Bond Schoenck and supported by our superintendent, Anna Hunderfund, if successful, has dire consequences for all public employees.

1 Comments on “Important News Out of Locust Valley”

  1. Appears that comtracts for teachers are worthless these days. Just look to NYC teacher’s contract DOE and DeBlasio renegging on back pay provision for a specific group of retirees. Outcome of these negotiations will have far wnd wide reverberations.
    When do we rise up?

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