Month: August 2013

Links for the Last Week of Summer

I have had a few links to some great reads to share the past few days, but have been busy with some of our other posts, so I’ll give you a few at once here.  As you are laying on the beach… Read More

Senator Flanagan’s Education Hearing

Senator Flanagan has set the date for the Senate Standing Committee on Education’s hearing to assess how their reform agenda has gone so far.  I could save them a lot of time and tell them that it stinks, but given the fact… Read More

King Wants Control of School boards

The New York State Education Department’s Commissioner John King, who should be fired, wants the Board of Regents to have the ability to take over school boards in districts that are “failing”.  WGRZ in Buffalo has the story. So let’s get this… Read More

KYE- NYS Senators John J. Flanagan and Ken LaValle

Way back in July, before Dr. Rella became a celebrity, before we called for John King’s firing, and before we rallied for public ed, we announced a new series of posts that we would be writing this year.  That series would be… Read More

Corporate Interests & the Common Core

Via United Opt Out… Companion Guide can be found here.