King Wants Control of School boards

The New York State Education Department’s Commissioner John King, who should be fired, wants the Board of Regents to have the ability to take over school boards in districts that are “failing”.  WGRZ in Buffalo has the story.

So let’s get this straight.  John King wants to use junk science to label school districts as “failing”.  The he wants to give Merryl Tisch and the Board of Regents the ability to take over the school boards of those “failing schools” so that they can “fix” them?  Keep in mind this is the same Merryl Tisch who has said that the public dislikes teachers.  She also claimed that our “scientific, objective” evaluation system, which is neither scientific nor objective,  would fix that problem.

It’s a rigged game folks.  Unless we raise our collective voice to a roar we’re gonna get steamrolled.

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