Senator Flanagan’s Education Hearing

Senator Flanagan has set the date for the Senate Standing Committee on Education’s hearing to assess how their reform agenda has gone so far.  I could save them a lot of time and tell them that it stinks, but given the fact that Flanagan set the hearing for Tuesday, September 17th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm, I am guessing he is not looking for input from real educators.

I only hope the people he is inviting to speak (it is invite only) are deferential enough when speaking to him.

Flanagan’s committee will also host hearings on October 1st (Syracuse), October 16th (Buffalo), and October 29th (NYC).  All school days.  All during school hours.  Hopefully some of the non-teacher attendees of the “Students Not Scores!” rally will be available to meet member’s of the Senate’s committee on their way in and let them know how they feel about the school “reforms”.

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