Links for the Last Week of Summer

I have had a few links to some great reads to share the past few days, but have been busy with some of our other posts, so I’ll give you a few at once here.  As you are laying on the beach enjoying your last week of summer here are a few “must reads” for you…

From the Washington Post, read about what happened when an adult took the Florida state tests.

The Atlantic Journal Constitution tells you who is making money off of the Common Core (WARNING, paywall).  Reality-Based Educator’s take on the article, “Common Core Developers- A Private Club You Are Not In” can be found here.

Seven things to do now that state test scores are in, from NYC Public School Parents.

From Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post, “Teacher: it’s not enough to just ‘teach’ anymore“.

I am convinced that we, as teachers, must be activists. While we all forge personal identities inside the classroom, the diversity of which our kids love and enjoy, we must conceive of ourselves as education activists too. We have, at the same time, front row seats to and lead roles in education today. We are school reform. If we make ourselves aware of policy, trends, and plans that occur outside of the classroom, then we can preserve our autonomy and ability to lead inside the classroom.

How depersonalization is at the heart of education reform.

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