Month: January 2013

Looking for Money?

Interested in earning some extra money?  Pearson is advertising on Craigslist in Texas.  They are looking to pay $12 an hour for test scorers.  While one may think you need some sort of background in education in order to evaluate the high… Read More

If you are on Facebook you can show your support for the Garfield High School teachers here. Colleagues of Garfield’s teachers show their support. Ed Notes with a letter to Seattle’s superintendent. If you are a parent and wish to have your… Read More

Imagine We Had a Real Governor?

Imagine we had a governor who said things like this about education… In the right order of things, education—the early fashioning of character and the formation of conscience—comes before legislation. Nothing is more determinative of our future than how we teach our… Read More

MORE Presidential Candidate in the NY Times; More on Seattle

Michael Powell with a great read in the New York Times about Mayor Bloomberg’s fight with the UFT.  Julie Cavanagh, a teacher in Red Hook, Brooklyn, who is running for UFT President this year as the MORE caucus’ candidate, was quoted several… Read More

Interested in Opting Out?

If you are a parent who is interested in having your child opt out of standardized testing this year (because, you know, it is destroying the profession you work in) you will want to take a look at this site… United Opt… Read More