Looking for Money?

Interested in earning some extra money?  Pearson is advertising on Craigslist in Texas.  They are looking to pay $12 an hour for test scorers.  While one may think you need some sort of background in education in order to evaluate the high stakes tests that will determine the fates of teachers across the great state of Texas, that person would be wrong!  You need only a bachelor’s degree in any field whatsoever in order to qualify for this low paying, no benefits, temp job.  Pearson, who bribed New York’s State Ed officials with overseas trips and was rewarded for such behavior by Governor Cuomo,  has a contract for nearly $500 million over five years in Texas.  They must not want to waste money on test scorers when they know that they’ll have to help bankroll Cuomo’s push for the presidency in 2016.

Andy gives a thumbs up to Pearson!

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