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Cuomo/Hochul/de Blasio/Mulgrew Snub Teachout at Yesterday’s Labor Day Parade

At yesterday’s Labor Day parade in New York City, Zephyr Teachout approached Andrew Cuomo.  The same Andrew Cuomo who has refused to debate her, while outrageously claiming that debates do a disservice to democracy.  Not only did Cuomo not debate her yesterday, but he didn’t shake her hand either.  As a matter of fact he …

Tomorrow We Rally to End Cuomo’s Reign of Terror

The man who once dubbed himself “the lobbyist for students,” before taking a wrecking ball to New York State’s public education system, now claims that he is refusing to debate his opponent in the Democratic primary, Zephyr Teachout, because he thinks that debates do a disservice to democracy. Via the New York Times… “I’ve been in …

Video: Zephyr Teachout Talks Public Ed at PJSTA Conference Day

Phone Bank Info & Pictures from Today’s PJSTA Conference Day

Phone Bank from home! The Teachout-Wu Campaign Team would like everyone to go sign up on the Amicus site and make 20 calls (at least).  It is very easy – you can “phone-bank” from the privacy of your own home and computer.

Links on Teachout & NYSUT

I’ve been out of commission for a few days as I had some laptop issues resolved.  However I am back in action and have a few links to pass on that we should all be reading. First to Zephyr Teachout, the PJSTA endorsed gubernatorial candidate… There will be a a rally in support of Teachout …