Cuomo/Hochul/de Blasio/Mulgrew Snub Teachout at Yesterday’s Labor Day Parade

At yesterday’s Labor Day parade in New York City, Zephyr Teachout approached Andrew Cuomo.  The same Andrew Cuomo who has refused to debate her, while outrageously claiming that debates do a disservice to democracy.  Not only did Cuomo not debate her yesterday, but he didn’t shake her hand either.  As a matter of fact he refused to even acknowledge her presence.

According to the Daily News Cuomo’s running mate, Kathy Hochul, also refused to acknowledge Teachout who even went as far as tapping Hochul on the shoulder.

Via The Daily News…

Teachout said “hi” to Cuomo, the governor ignored her like she was the invisible woman and repeatedly asked, “Where’s Mayor Bill de Blasio?” Hizzoner waded through the crowd and gave Cuomo a kiss on the cheek.

Teachout also tapped Cuomo’s running mate, former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, on her shoulder. Hochul was also frosty. She never turned around to face Teachout, giving her a steady view of her back.

“I just wanted to say hello as a courtesy,” Teachout said after Cuomo’s snub. “We’ve been running against each other, and it seems pretty clear by now he’s not going to debate.”

Cuomo has refused to debate the Fordham law professor.

“Someone get her out of here!” someone screamed.

“I know she was the parade, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to her,” he (Cuomo) said.

Ah yes, Cuomo didn’t get a chance to talk to her.  He makes it seem as though he frantically searched for her yet their paths never crossed.  Meanwhile she stood two feet away saying “hi” to him.

Andrew Cuomo is the worst kind of politician.  He is corrupt and has consistently put the needs of his Wall Street cronies ahead of the people of New York.  The video below of the encounter with Teachout showed that he is not just a bad politician, but he is a classless coward as well.  The same can be said for Kathy Hochul and Bill de Blasio.

The video is nauseating, compounded only by the appearance of the UFT President (and member of the NYSUT Board of Directors) Michael Mulgrew joining the Cuomo crew for the parade (see the :26 second mark of the video… the guy in the blue UFT hat is Mulgrew).

More on how you can help Teachout in the final days of her campaign before Tuesday’s primary in a little bit.

Labor Day Parade 9-6-14 ZT from John Kenny on Vimeo.

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