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Walmart Strike

In what could be “the largest-scale labor action ever,” many Walmart employees around the country are set to strike on Thanksgiving as Walmart is one of many stores set to begin their Black Friday sales as most of the country is set… Read More

CTU Strike: Day 2 Update

First and foremost, CTU President Karen Lewis on MSNBC’s The Ed Show: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/the-ed-show/48996251/#48996251 Some SEIU Local 1 members who work in Chicago schools as custodians are now preparing to go out on strike as a show of solidarity with the teachers Journalist… Read More

More PJSTA solidarity for CTU

The Chicago Teachers Union is On Strike

Tonight Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis announced that the CTU will be on strike tomorrow. ¬†Among the major issues is the new teacher evaluation system that the city is trying to implement and the city’s insistance on eliminating steps and columns… Read More

Wear Red Tomorrow… and a Sunday Night Update on the CTU

*UPDATE* No deal has been reached yet. CTU President Karen Lewis has scheduled a press conference at 10 pm. The CTU’s House of Delegates (equivalent to PJSTA’s rep council) would have to approve an agreement and they have not been called to… Read More