Wear Red Tomorrow… and a Sunday Night Update on the CTU

No deal has been reached yet. CTU President Karen Lewis has scheduled a press conference at 10 pm. The CTU’s House of Delegates (equivalent to PJSTA’s rep council) would have to approve an agreement and they have not been called to meet yet. More after the presser.


Please remember to wear red tomorrow to show solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union in their fight for the soul of public education. My outfit is laid out already…

Now for an update…

CTU and officials representing the Chicago Public Schools have been in negotiations for most of the weekend. While some progress was reported yesterday, a settlement was still not reached. The two sides sat down again this morning and neither side has made a statement since then. It is believed the district is sticking to the elimination of steps in the contract, which could obviously be a sticking point.

The “Wear Red for ED to Support the Chicago Teachers” seems to have caught on as locals across the country are attempting to do that tomorrow. There are other ways you can help as well:

  • This site gives you information on how you can buy lunch for a teacher who is picketing.
  • Donate to the CTU’s solidarity fund.
  • Post a message of solidarity.

Finally, as per AFT President Randi Weingarten, the AFT is planning a day of nationwide support later this week…

As always, you can follow the action on Twitter with the #CTU hashtag or by following @CTULocal1. Or of course you could just keep checking thepjsta.org!

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