CTU Strike: Day 2 Update

First and foremost, CTU President Karen Lewis on MSNBC’s The Ed Show:


Some SEIU Local 1 members who work in Chicago schools as custodians are now preparing to go out on strike as a show of solidarity with the teachers

Journalist and author Chris Hedges: “The teachers’ strike in Chicago is arguably one of the most important labor actions in probably decades,” Hedges says. “If it does not prevail, you can be certain that the template for the attack on the union will be carried out across the country against other teachers’ unions and against the last redoubt of union activity, which is in the public sector, of course — firemen and police.”

The AFL-CIO is asking all union members to wear red on Wednesday.

More people in Chicago support the strike than don’t.

An estimated 50,000 (!) people rallied in front of the Chicago Public Schools offices.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to force more standardized tests and teacher evaluations connected to those tests into Chicago Public Schools.  Interestingly enough, the director of the private school that he sends his own children to opposes testing for teacher evaluations!

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