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Many Labor Day Thanks

Labor Day, a creation of the labor movement, is a special time for union members to reflect on what their unions have done for them.  The enhancements to their life that their unions have provided. Last year I wrote a letter to… Read More

PJSTA Flashback: 38 years ago!

A friend of ours sent this along.  The newspaper clipping below, from the Long Island Press dated September 8, 1976 tells the story of three Long Island locals who voted to authorize strikes.  One of those locals was your very own PJSTA!… Read More

Karen Lewis’ Speech to 18,000

Now THAT’S How to Celebrate Labor Day!

An estimated 18,000 people rallied at Daley Plaza in Chicago before marching towards the board of education.  Members of the Chicago Teachers Union were joined by members of the Fraternal Order of Police, the National Nurses Association, the National Association fo Letter… Read More

Happy Labor Day!

As you are enjoying yet another gift of the labor movement, Labor Day, consider how you can give back to your fellow brothers and sisters in labor this upcoming school year.  There will be plenty of work to go around and we… Read More