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A couple of links for you to check out…

This article from the New York Times details the fight between Caterpillar and the International Association of Machinists that was considered a test case in American labor relations.  The article highlights a very good reason why we need to protect the Triborough Amendment and to have a strong local union, and even stronger state and national unions.  Companies such as Caterpillar, making record profits have fallen in line with many other big money groups to try and break all unions.

Another article from the New York Times discusses the changes in tenure laws in different places and how only 55% of teachers eligible for tenure in New York City received it this year.

Hollywood Takes Another Shot At Educators

Won’t Back Down, a fictional account of parents seeking to transform a school in Pittsburgh, opens in theaters across the nation on Sept. 28. The movie is produced by Walden Media, which produced the notorious Waiting for Superman.

Like SupermanWon’t Back Down negatively depicts teachers and their unions, and is already being used by so-called “reformers” — Michelle Rhee included –to leverage the star-power of this much-discussed film to push for anti-union and anti-public education laws across the country. However, unlike theSuperman movie, this is a big extravaganza with top Hollywood actors and millions of dollars invested to ensure box office success. Screenings of the film already have been held at conferences and fundraisers across the nation, and other major events are planned to promote the film prior to its Sept. 28 premiere.

Meanwhile, Walden Media and Walmart have partnered to put on a high-profile benefit concert around the movie. The Aug. 14 concert — “Teachers Rock” — hosts a number of big names from the music and film industries and will raise money for groups such as Donors Choose and Teach for America. CBS is scheduled to televise the Los Angeles show, which is expected to further promote the movie and its anti-union, anti-public education message.



Campaign Kickoff Event for Tim Bishop

The Long Island Federation of Labor is holding a campaign kickoff event for Tim Bishop on August 9th from 6-8 pm at IBEW Local 25 (375 Motor Parkway, Hauppague).  This will be a chance to show support for Mr. Bishop in his bid for re-election.  If it fits your schedule please try to come on down.  Feel free to bring a friend or two!  Food and beverages will be provided.  If you go, make sure to wear a PJSTA shirt!

U.S. Representative Tim Bishop